Who We Are


House of Invention


We’re an independent design house specializing in refined goods and fine writing instruments. We're product makers and we obsess in quiet madness over the fine details.


Our writing instruments are precision machined from solid metal stock, and our machining process is precise to a fraction of a millimeter.  We only use high quality materials and source the finest parts available — like German engineered mechanisms, fine writing nibs, and refills.


We have an obsession with simplicity, with pure forms and seamless objects — we keep our products unadulterated by style and over-design, and our tools are built to last a lifetime.



New Product Philosophy
Fine Writing Instruments for a modern age


We’re designers, based in Los Angeles. We have a new product philosophy. Devoting our careers to being the best product makers, we’ve learned a thing or two about the art of design and product development.


There's time, blood and sweat that we pour into our work -- the design, the invention, the orchestrating of the production, and the search to source the perfect partners, facilities, and industry best manufacturers -- all for the obsession with quality and perfection. We're willing to go to great lengths to create our version of the perfect product, and we're advocates of the simple, but refined life. 




All INVENTERY products are backed by a lifetime warranty.